2004 February – Cucina & Vini

2004 February – Cucina & Vini

The monthly “Cucina & Vini” included a Giancarlo Perbellini menu.  → Leggi ancora

2007 January – Panorama

“Panorama” dedicated several articles to chef Perbellini.  → Leggi ancora

2010 February – Affari di Gola

“Affari di Gola” dedicated an article to Bocuse d’Or and interviewd Giancarlo as President of the Italy section.  → Leggi ancora

2006 Aprile – Mixer

The magazine “Mixer” featured Giancarlo on the cover, defining him an artisan cook.  → Leggi ancora


The magazine for top chefs, “GrandeCucina & Wine” told Giancarlo Perbellini’s story.  → Leggi ancora

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