Perbellini galaxy

A love for cuisine and an enterprising spirit.

Casa Perbellini

CASA PERBELLINI is an extraordinary challenge, a show that the multiple-starred chef Giancarlo Perbellini greatly wanted to stage with his new restaurant in the heart of the oldest and most characteristic part of Verona, in the San Zeno neighborhood. Casa Perbellini is a little bit a home and a little bit a restaurant, but most of all it’s a place where the cook takes his place at his natural stage: the kitchen. Barriers vanish and the chef and his work remain at the center in a spectacular open kitchen where guests can admire the art of haute cuisine, from the raw materials to plating the dishes. This is all performed in an intimate, almost domestic, atmosphere, with a small number of tables seating 24 and a unique relationship between the cook and the public. In the summer, the the must-see glimpse of one of the most historical piazzas in Verona frames the al fresco tables.



LOCANDA 4 CUOCHI. An open kitchen, a wide-ranging and well-thought-out wine list, traditional dishes with menus based on the seasons, but reconsidered with a modern outlook and which encompass all the regions in Italy; decor is simple but elegant. These are the qualities of the restaurant that is a short walk from Verona’s Arena.


AL CAPITAN DELLA CITTADELLA. In a warm and welcoming ambiance in the heart of Verona, this restaurant offers only seafood cuisine in various forms, from crudité to more elaborate dishes, depending on market availability. A wide selection of wines and desserts completes the menu.


X DOLCE LOCANDA. This is Giancarlo Perbellini’s return to his origins, to his family’s traditional pastry-making. Dolce Locanda is a pastry shop with an open workshop, where treats of all kinds are produced every day. Leavened breads and desserts reign and his famous Offella, “il Bovolone”, is the specialty.


TAPASOTTO. “A gourmet break for small pleasures” is how this place can be defined. With an innovative format, it offers platters of charcuterie, cheese and small signature “tapas”, that can be accompanied by a drink or, by mixing and matching samples, can make up a true meal. An excellent wine list is also available.

Du De Cope

DU DE COPE. A gourmet pizzeria that offers a wide range of select pizzas, made with the best DOP and DOC products and raw materials. A few examples: “lardo, anchovies and confit tomatoes” or “Sauris veal cheek”… but there’s more: other options include salads or hot dishes, all accompanied by select wines and craft beers.

Locanda Bistrot Milano

LOCANDA PERBELLINI. Elegant bistro in the center of Milan, the restaurant was created to bring a new interpretation of traditional Italian cuisine to as many people as possible. An enveloping room, with interiors in copper, slate and wenge wood, designed for a transversal clientele, attentive to seasonal cuisine and passionate about regional dishes.


GIANCARLO PERBELLINI POPUP.Born as a temporary restaurant, it will not end. The venue located in via Mondo d’Oro in the historic center of Verona, conceived in full lockdown, will continue to live a life of its own thanks to the success of the new and playful formula that has seduced the people of Verona and beyond in recent months. It will be open seven days a week and will be a real Parisian gastro bistro with a wine list extended to include a greater number of labels from Verona and the regions of Italy. An evocative and informal environment where you can enjoy experimental dishes and both classic and revisited cocktails, made with high quality raw materials and techniques.


LOCANDA PERBELLINI AT THE SEA.  A place made entirely of wood and glass, with 50 seats between inside and outside, in a truly magical place. Perbellini: “The bistro was born from a very democratic idea, with dishes that respect the place where we are, Sicily, a land of aromas and flavors that every time make me a child again.”

Logo Locanda Perbellini al Lago ai Beati
Locanda Perbellini al Lago ai Beati

LOCANDA PERBELLINI AL LAGO AI BEATI. A place of great charm and splendour on the hills of Garda, with a large panoramic terrace overlooking the lake.
La Carta is a journey through the excellences of the territory and the history of Italian cuisine, with a proposal of regional recipes revisited in a contemporary key, enhanced in taste and lightness, according to the vision of Giancarlo Perbellini.